estate planning

The "Magic" Answer

            Her son called me to ask for help.  He and his brother were at the end of their rope with desperation at how to deal with their mother's situation.  She was a 95 year young widow.  She and her husband had done planning with me in the past.  He said that surely I would have the magic answer for their situation.  They needed a lifeline to be thrown to them.  He and his Mom gave me permission to write about this.


The Wake Up Call

I got the call yesterday morning.  One of my longtime (14 years) clients is apparently in the last throes of her life.  She will turn 101 next month.  We knew this day was coming, as it does for all of us.  My thoughts immediately recalled the initial meeting, and subsequent times we talked.  Fond memories.  Her surprise 90th birthday - she was surprised by the reception and that I would travel such a distance to observe it.  Then, when she turned 100 last September, I traveled 6+ hours to her 100 reception.  She was surprised, met me at the door, and insisted I sit with her and hold her hand the hours I was there.

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